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Cleaning and overhaul injectors with special liquid and ultrasonic service Our services

Cleaning and overhaul injectors with special liquid and ultrasonic service

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Our ultrasonic cleaning service for petrol and gas or LPG injectors with relative operation check.

  Service available on site in 24 hours
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  • Cleaning service By sending us your injectors we carry out ultrasonic cleaning of the injectors, with special English liquid, replacement of internal filters (if there were any) and relative sealing o-rings of each individual injector.
  • In the case of blocked injectors, we are able to restore them in 90% of cases, but in the event that we are unable to restore them despite all the work, it is necessary to proceed with the payment of the overhaul anyway, due to the lost time and the material used. Therefore, always make sure that the injector has not been blocked or nailed for years because in that case the stuck and sedimented rust may not allow us to recover the used injectors sent. For this reason we always suggest cleaning and overhauling the injectors as soon as the problem arises.
  • We provide related documentation with verification of operation for the injectors shipped and possibly flushing videos.
  • It is necessary to send your injectors to our office, only "top feed" low pressure injectors.
  • The price refers to 4 injectors , for a cleaning service with 8 injectors buy the service twice.
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