Injectors of all sizes and types. We have in stock over injectors of all types. If you do not find the injector suitable for your needs in our shop, contact us by phone and we may already have it available in our warehouse.

We mainly have high impedance injectors, with three different lengths, the measurements refer to the o-ring distance:

Distance between standard O-rings: 63mm

Distance between medium O-rings: 53mm

Distance between short O-rings: 38mm

Those who wish can rely on the ProtoXide and use our equipment that will suggest the correct flow rate or feasibility with your injectors.

In addition to the injectors control / overhaul service, we have a very large availability on site, over 800 pieces of different types and flow rates starting from 190 to 1800 cc / min !!

Try to contact us .. we have all the injector reference tables so that you will be amazed by our experience.

If you buy a set of injectors from us, one of our technicians will always contact you to know your application and verify that your choice is the best one!

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