Forged Pistons and Engine Cylinders


We have our pistons made by Italian and foreign companies directly under our characteristics, measurements and tolerances based on the experiences gained from our direct experience and of all our customers.

Below is an extract of the instructions that you will find attached to a set of ProtoXide Pistons

There are two tolerances not to be confused: piston / cylinder tolerance and band / cylinder tolerance

Always carefully check the direction of insertion of the segment, as well as the gap between the bands:

With our packaging it is impossible to invert the bands as they are supplied in separate sachets, and in any case in case of difficulty in recognizing them it is always better to contact us to be completely sure.

It is always difficult to find special bands of all sizes (thickness, diameter, etc.) available, so in some cases it is necessary to reduce the bands to the correct size shown in the instruction sheet attached to the pistons.

Check the tolerance of the bands; if it is too small, the tips will easily touch each other and will tend to block the movement of the piston!

A higher tolerance leads to a greater consumption of oil but at the same time guarantees greater expansion safety. It is obvious that according to the application, the tolerance of the bands must be evaluated, and in any case it must always be checked with the method described in the instructions present in our pack of pistons.

Assemble the elastic bands with the special tool, in doing so the possibility of breaking the bands is reduced (given their construction usually in cast iron, therefore very fragile) and it prevents the excessive widening of the bands themselves, but only enough to insert them into the piston.

To increase the gap between the bands it is necessary to use the appropriate machine (which you can buy directly in our shop if you do not have one) and then remember to round the edge as always described in the instructions attached to the purchase of a ProtoXide piston set.

For specific tolerances and for different applications such as road, with nitrous oxide, with large turbos, or alternative fuels methanol etc., it is advisable to contact our. technical department, who can advise you on the correct gap for your application.

Correctly measuring the piston rings is not easy, (unless you have a disassembled engine) which is why we have also equipped ourselves with a test bench to check the rings!

Most of the piston manufacturers do not provide any type of indication for correct assembly (essential for an optimal result), on the contrary, we are of the opinion that it is always better to provide the customer with as much information as possible, even if, for some preparers turn out to be "discounted" and "superfluous".

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