General conditions of sale PROTOXIDE

Please read carefully these terms of sale and delivery, are considered valid only those written in Italian, as other conditions of sale written in other languages ​​are the result of translations and may not be updated.

In general:

These terms and conditions of sale are the only ones recognized by PROTOXIDE by Tiziano Perfetti (hereinafter PROTOXIDE), for all commercial transactions, except for special written conditions, which we have agreed upon for exceptional reasons.

1 Prices:

All prices quoted by us are considered unitary, ex our point of sale and in Euro currency. The prices indicated in the written offers, sent by post, newsletter, e-mail or fax, have limited validity. PROTOXIDEreserves in any case the possibility of revising the prices communicated or shown, following a variation due to supply problems or fluctuations in the official exchange rates or exchange rates, giving notice to the customer, who has the right to cancel the order, without any penalty.


Orders can be placed by phone, fax or e-mail or by using our online shop.

Orders must clearly indicate the name or company name of the payer, tax code or VAT number, telephone number and postal address, plus any particular delivery methods, desired delivery date and preferred carrier and must obviously all be true. Incomplete orders will not be taken into consideration.

PROTOXIDE reserves the right to request confirmation of order, with a deposit or advance payment of the material, depending on the product ordered. We advise that any cash on delivery not collected, will cancel the possibility of ordering again,as the non-payment of a delivery on delivery involves charges to bring the shipment back into our office and our system automatically inserts the customer in "black list". For this reason there will no longer be any way to make future orders, even with advance payment.

The order confirmations requested by the customer are not binding if the ordered materials are not in stock.

The minimum quantities that can be ordered are binding and are indicated in the eventual offers and order confirmations, in the absence of indications we mean as minimum quantity the single piece for stock materials and the linear meter for cables, sleeves, pipes and similar.

3-Delivery and fulfillment of orders:

The delivery will take place according to the procedures agreed at the time of order. In the absence of agreements, we will send you according to the methods we consider most appropriate.

Orders will be processed as soon as possible. In case of temporary unavailability of some items, it reserves the possibility of delaying delivery until availabilityagrave; of the material. If the wait is too long, we will inform the customer, who may decide in the meantime to send the available goods. In the event that some items of order are no longer available due to obsolescence or ceased production, reserves the right to consider the orders processed. We also remember that all orders are entrusted to couriers and PROTOXIDE is not responsible for any damage, delays in delivery or loss of material, therefore the goods travel at the risk and expense of the recipient / customer. The delivery times indicated in the products are for indicative purposes only, for this reason they may not be corrected due to direct sales in the store and warehouse stocks not updated, for this reason the timing indicated MUST NOT BE ABSOLUTELY BINDING, nor for this reason the date of arrival can not be guaranteed under any circumstances.

4-Defect of materials, incorrect delivery and damage:

The customer is required to check the goods at the time of delivery. It has eight 14   days of time, to make a claim for defects of origin of the goods or incorrectlydelivery, after which the goods will be considered accepted and any and any complaints will no longer be taken into account.

In case of acceptance of the complaint by our sales department the return of the goods must be agreed with our "shipping and returns department" . PROTOXIDE will replace it as soon as possible.

For goods ordered incorrectly, the same conditions apply, except for transport, which must be carried out carriage paid.

If the customer does not accept the replacement, a credit note will be issued.

In case of damage to the goods due to transport, the customer is obliged to immediately notify the carrier (insert the damaged package in the appropriate field).

Protoxide is not liable for damage due to the transport of goods even if carried out by carriers chosen by us.

5-Right of withdrawal and refusal of goods ordered, Returns:

As envisaged by current European legislation regarding mail order sales, a private customer (who does not have a VAT number) who makes a mail order purchase has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the goods, promptly informing them written, by registered mail or PEC. In case of return, the costs of rest of the goods are always charged to the purchaser. The customer is entitled by law to return the goods intact, must be in fact in the same condition again, packaging included, never installed in advance. (It must be like new to be able to resell it to a new customer clearly as new, and not as used).

This is the exception if the customer or company, decided to order choosing a product that is not available at the time of order , (easily identifiable as it does not have the wording next to the photo, ONLY SHIP IN 24 HOURS o previously communicated by e-mail or by phone) means that the customer takes the " exclusive " commitment with the ProtoXide, so if the same decides later to cancel the order for any reason, there can be no term of rejection of goods, or return, as the merchandise has been handcrafted and customized to your size, under the specific indications and needs required.

Returns must be "obligated" returned no later than 15 days received the goods, agreed in advance with the Protoxide even with a simple email, better always call, otherwise they will not be absolutely accepted and will be rejected to the sender.

Over 15 days it is no longer possible to replace them, therefore it is not necessary to send packages back without our confirmation and RMA number (useful in case of problems or repair) to be requested in advance by OBLIGATORY by email or by phone.

Choosing un product that at the time of order is not available, (easily identifiable as it does not have the wording next to the photo, ONLY SHIPPING IN 24 HOURS or communicated by email or telephone) means that the customer takes the " exclusive " commitment with ProtoXide, so if the customer later decides to cancel the order, or later decides to return the product, there will be no possibility of return or no goods waste.

6 Guarantee:

PROTOXIDE distributes and sells the components described in the invoice for use in vehicles and / or engines designed and built by persons not associated and / or controlled by Protoxide. It is therefore not recommended or contemplated a specific use of the same since the conditions of use of these components could create on the same or on other details of the stresses or very severe problems and beyond any possible prediction. Protoxide distributes and sells these products without any commercial or technical guarantee and therefore no warranty of any kind expressed or implied accompanies these products and the purchaser and / or user, having checked these componentsi, is the only one to decide how and where to use them in the application of its design, assuming with the installation of these components all risks, as well as possible and possible lost earnings or sales, losses, costs of goods or replacement services, interruptions of activity, damage to property or people or animals or any direct, indirect, incidental, property damage that may result, therefore Protoxide does not accept any kind of charge due to defects of materials delivered or related processing performed to install our components.

We remind you that our products are to be used exclusively on competition vehicles where the rules permit them, therefore they are not approved for road use and absolutely do not have to be installed to replace original parts on road cars, because, the only prerogative and objective of the our products are exclusively to provide better "perfomances" to the detriment of all the rest, such as reduced durability, greater noise, greater vibrations, higher consumption, etc, so the customer accepts it in its entirety.

The materials found on the market on behalf of the customer, ( those not present in our online catalog and requested under your ownindication) are provided without any warranty and are provided as is and complaints are not accepted on the quality of these last components. (oxidation, lack of documentation, lack of packaging, finishing, etc.)

Materials sent to manufacturers or service providers, for repairs, treatments, or warranty replacements, travel at the risk and expense of the customer.

Most of the Protoxide products are recognizable with silk-screen printed on them or with labels or on the packaging themselves. The alteration or removal of these, by the retailer / user, will result in a non-recognition by Protoxide in the case of assistance, warranty, repair or other problems encountered.


The availability of materials is understood as being sold, except for public holidays and except for unforeseen events, unless different information is given on offer or in order confirmation.


The payment methods are defined before the delivery of thematerial. Generally, an advance bank transfer, credit card or Paypal transaction is preferred. Beyond that it is possible for amounts less than 990 euros, request payment on delivery cash on delivery, by express courier, to be paid exclusively in cash, as the courier does not accept checks. In any case, before the order confirmation, all payment options accepted by us will be automatically suggested.

Failure to cancel an order or refuse a delivery on delivery will authorize the suspension of our supplies. Further future supplies must be authorized by our administration office and must in any case be paid in advance before any delivery.

9-VAT and export exemptions:

Goods destined for export to non-EEC countries are governed by current regulations. The customer who wants to take advantage of the exemption of the payment of VAT, will have to send us a copy of the declaration of intent before the delivery of the goods.

The goods purchased directly from citizens or companies outside the EEC, must bepay in advance by bank transfer or credit card. It reserves the right to withhold a deposit equal to 20% of the value of the goods until the receipt of the documents of export.

10- Technical support, manuals, software and assistance on our products:

Those who purchase directly from ProtoXide will have a dedicated professional technical-commercial support, which will allow them to be in direct contact with our staff and learn more about the product purchased. This support includes exclusive installation manuals and ProtoXide software that are exclusive to the direct purchaser and the related product purchased, for this reason you may be asked for the purchase invoice proving the actual purchase.

Consequently, Protoxide can not provide any kind of assistance, installation manuals or technical support on material not purchased directly from ProtoXide, the same applies to material purchased for example as "used parts or allegedly given or installed at the Car workshop XXX ".

If in case the material was purchased from a Dealer, Prepareror representative of a forum, will be the latter to inform you and possibly to relate with you through our technical department of ProtoXide, just because the relationship in place is unique and direct with those who made the purchase and holder of the invoice. Therefore we can not provide any kind of technical support, advice, answers to emails, installation manuals, photos or anything else, in case the order was not made directly to ProtoXide. In order to avoid having to often use double resources and easy misunderstandings, we can not even answer questions such as "I bought through the retailer XXX I would like to know where my order is, or how to install the ECU purchased .... etcc ", if the order was made through a retailer or preparer or forum, they will be themselves to relate solely with you. If you want to relate with us, receive targeted technical answers, installation manuals or post-sales technical-commercial support, the only way is to DIRECTLY PURCHASE YOU , through our multilingual shop and not to other intermediaries.

This Protoxide support, in fact, brings significant added value to the product purchased , both when the installation of the same needs technical informationspecialized or especially when the usual product can also be found at other competitive dealers, but could have very different installations and use depending on the desired applications, and only thanks to our suggestions gained from our experience, we can suggest the correct technical installation information and use to get the best results and without any initial and future problems.

11-Personal Data:

The data provided by the customer for billing are considered accurate, even if the billing information systems indicate any errors. The customer is required to verify himself and promptly communicate any errors in the personal data. The customer is also required to promptly communicate in writing (post or fax) any changes in personal data and the veracity of the data entered .

PROTOXIDE can not be held responsible for errors or inconveniences arising from the use of incorrect personal data provided by the customer.

The connections to the PROTOXIDE site are not carried out through a secure connection (SSL), except for the credit card transaction that is managed directly on a secure server by Setefi (Gruppo Banca Intesa) .

PROTOXIDE assumes no responsibility for data provided via the internet (order form and quotation form) or by e-mail.

12-Processing of personal data:

The processing of personal data is done by manual, computerized and telematic means in the manner provided and in any case with all necessary precautions so as to ensure the protection of information and their confidentiality. Personal data are processed by PROTOXIDE for purposes related to their activities and therefore to the issuance of documents and communications relating to commercial relationships.

According to article 13 of law 675/1996, the interested party has the right to know the existence of an archive containing his personal data, the use that PROTOXIDE makes of his data, the deletion of his data from the archives, except those necessary for legal and fiscal purposes and all those rights that the law 675/1996 grants him.

The custodian of all customers' personal data is:

Via Martiri di Cefalonia 25-1 Massa
54100 (MS) ITALY

13-Acceptance of the rules:

The issuance of an order or a quotation request to PROTOXIDE , also written, telephone or verbal by any means, implicitly indicates the acceptance of all the conditions indicated on this page.


These conditions are completed by the pages on our services, on the materials processed and dethe price lists.

All the brands treated by PROTOXIDE are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

The countries of origin, given the particular nature of the goods treated, are not identifiable unless clearly indicated on the materials themselves. PROTOXIDE assumes no responsibility for indications given by third parties.


For any legal controversy please contact: Penal Office Perfetti Franco Aranci MASSA 54100

However, the laws and regulations in force apply. All contents, pages, texts and images are the exclusive property of PROTOXIDE . Copyright ® Protoxide ® Registered MAr 2003-2018