Turbo pressure gauge with alarm memory and 80mm from -1 to +2 bar Pressure gauges Turbo, Petrol, Oil

Turbo pressure gauge with alarm memory and 80mm from -1 to +2 bar

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Turbo pressure gauge pointer to precise and excellent design with three user-selectable colors with a diameter of 80mm.

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  • With its diameter of 80mm reperebilità difficult, is very legible, as it is easy to appreciate also pressure peaks also of small difference.
  • It is not necessary to bring the tube up inside the cockpit as in the kit is comprised of a pressure sensor, which converts the pressure into electric pulse, so just bring inside the car only a thin electric cable already included in the package, along to a roll of turbo transparent plastic.
  • Three color selectable between: White, Orange Red, Blue intense.
  • For most of this gauge has the function of peak pressure achieved by pressing the buttons with a light touch on the small controller of the instrument, the same will move the pointer to the maximum peak recorded.
  • In addition to this, the second function is to "alarm", which allows, again via the long press of the button, enter a limit to the pressure that this value is exceeded, the instrument will begin to alert the driver with a "beep "In addition to alternate the color of the display when you turn on a lamp with high brightness (external display) to warn that we are past the set pressure limit.
  • The logo PROTOXIDE about this tool is missing.
  • In tribute, inside the package includes a dedicated tool holder beautiful, with its felt for easier installation easy.
Name Value
Sound alarm Si
Diameter 80mm
Depth 40mm

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