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Turbo pressure gauge with memory and alarm 52mm from -1 to +2 bar

turbo pressure gauge to 3 bar with memory and 60mm Alarm

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pointer turbo pressure gauge with double staining, Italian and fantastic Protoxide central logo scale.

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  • turbo pressure gauge pointer with Italian and fantastic scale Protoxide central logo, precise and excellent design, here are some of the features:
  • Available in two colors selectable by the user, the first amber red and the other white ice.
  • And 'the gauge for fans of the changes to their car, as it is easy to appreciate the pressure peaks even on the smallest difference.
  • It is not necessary to bring the hose up inside the cockpit as the kit includes an APS sensor, which converts the pressure into electrical impulse, so just bring inside the car only a thin electrical cable already included in the package.
  • Has the maximum pressure reached peak function, or by pressing with a light touch the button on the front of the instrument, the same move the pointer to the maximum recorded peak.
  • Beyond that, the second function is to "alarm", allows, again through the long press of the button, insert a pressure limit is exceeded this value, the instrument will begin to alarm the driver with a "beep" over which alternate the white-red color, to warn the driver that we are past the set pressure limit.
  • In tribute inside the packaging includes a beautiful swivel tool holder, with its felt to facilitate fast installation, avoiding to drill the cabin.

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