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Autronic programmable control unit for Renault 1800-2000 Williams Programmable control ECU units

Autronic programmable control unit for Renault 1800-2000 Williams

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Climatic programmable control unit that can be installed on an aspirated or turbocharged Renault Clio

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MON-FRIDAY SUPPORT 10.00-12.30 15.00-17.30

  • This Renault Clio or Renault 19 1800-2000 16v control unit can be replaced by the original wiring harness.
  • As an extra cost you can also have a complete new wiring if you consider that the original wiring nowadays is a wiring that is often ruined as it was done at that time by Renault trying to save it all over and over. With this wiring you would have wiring with properly dimensioned wires based on the use they will need to support, shielded wires and dedicated colors for easy detection even in the controller software. All you have to do is cut the long wires to fit and install the terminal connectors not included, click on the ACCESSORIES tab of this product to buy them
  • However, care should be taken that this does not mean that the internal mapping made by the ProtoXide Technical Department is suitable for all engines (prepared and not, injectors increased and not ...) so that you understand that your setup will need to be done afterwards That the car has started. (This is why a basic map has been inserted to allow startup and circulation, but it is strongly advised to modify it according to your engine configuration. Or, there are different versions already available.
  • Fully reprogrammable via software (English language)Including English working in REAL TIMES.
  • Many functions include Launch Control, and Bang-Bang or Anti-Lag.
  • It is strongly advisable to install appropriate instrumentation in order to create a mapping such as a large bandwidth probe
  • The control unit works with all the original sensors and in addition has already integrated an APS pressure sensor that can reach 4.5 bar absolute and allows ELIMINATING the ORIGINAL PRESSURE SENSOR and it is possible through a 3-wire connection to also connect our Digital dashboard , to be purchased separately.
  • Integrated professional self-diagnosis that can detect faults of sensors or wiring, in fact this unit can detect, in the event of an error, whether it is a wire or sensor error and uses the usual warning light (injector image) To indicate in case of a fault even without PC connected by flashing.
  • The software is included and runs on all Windows operating systems (From Xp up to Windows 10) to PCs with Microsoft operating system
  • It is also included serial connection cable to the same controller that becomes usb using a usb converter not included.
  • Assistance is for themapping that for installation are considered additional costs that can be purchased here and who purchases it must be responsible for the installation and make sure that you have all the technical requirements necessary for the mapping
  • Required increased injectors.
  • This package includes startup, configuration, and connection control instructions specific.
  • No modifications must be made to the wheel, use the original flywheel.
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