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Fiat Coupè 2000 turbo 20v stainless steel exhaust manifold Steel exhaust manifolds for Turbo Petrol engines

Fiat Coupè 2000 turbo 20v stainless steel exhaust manifold

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Exhaust manifold in stainless steel, Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo 5 cylinders, made as in the photo to be installed also in versions equipped with air conditioning and not, version with equal cylinder lengths.

Connection flange
  Made upon request, non-refundable in 60-120 days
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  • Fiat Coupè 2000 turbo 20v stainless steel exhaust manifold with equal lengths for all cylinders.
  • A certain technical skill is recommended for the installation of this manifold as to install it may be necessary to modify some neighboring components, due to the lengths and shapes of the ducts designed to obtain the best performances. It is an exhaust manifold that requires a tuner / workshop manual for installation.
  • For the realization of this manifold, industrial CNC bending and welding with TIG technology with gas are used, to avoid internal dripping and it turns out to be our most complex exhaust manifold to make.
  • When the version with pipe for external wastegate connection is chosen, remember that we only weld the pipe and then the customer will extend it and weld the flange where he wishes to install the wastegate.
  • The order of this collector is binding and means that it is not possible to cancel the order at a later time for any reason as the realization of this collector is of an artisanal type and will be created according to the indications of how you prefer to receive it and therefore it will be a specific product made according to your express configuration.
  • This manifold turns out to be one of the most complicated exhaust manifolds to make and this can also take production times of up to 4 months from the order. For this reason you need an order with advance payment and not cash on delivery and it cannot be canceled for any reason, so think about it well before ordering it.
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