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Turbocharger gto221 on double ball for 1,400 16v Abarth Racing ball bearing Turbocharger

Turbocharger gto221 on double ball for 1,400 16v Abarth

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Turbocharger bearings specifically designed for Abarth engines, T-Jet Multiair 1400, with reinforced wastegate.

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  • Abarth turbo, wastegate reinforced restrictor specific oil, included in the price.
  • On the menu the version with cast iron spiral V2 or V3 in stainless steel

Here are some questions and answers about the GTO221 for Abarth or T-Jet

  • The GTO221 turbo mounts on the original exhaust manifold Yes, no change should be made to install this turbo on stock exhaust manifold.

  • I am aware that all turbochargers Garrett USA, once removed from its packaging it must appoortare several changes, such as the wastegate and create the brackets for the same as well as orient the snails and centaral, I have to do the usual work also with this turbocharger? Absolutely not ! Our turbocharger is already oriented, complete with everything and is ready now to be installed.

  • The GTO221 turbo is sold only at PROTOXIDE - online or by phone - or from a dealer authorized afteror, and it is recognizable as the mergers of snails (both intake and exhaust) is imprinted Protoxide brand. If it was devoid of its brands on mergers is definitely not the fabulous GTO221

  • What is the difference between the GTO221 and other turbochargers Garrett Racing online? Our GTO221 actually uses the usual basis of the GT25 and GT28 Garrett Perfomances on bearings. In fact, after buying one of these models we replace virtually everything about the "dimensionatura" turbo, including impellers, shaft, and snails. This is because all of the GT25-GT28 turbochargers family have been designed for a worldwide request for an aftermarket installation on Nissan 1800 cc engines. Now imagine you, how can push, even if on bearings, a turbocharger designed to improve the original T28 turbocharger performaces of this car with a displacement in 1800. Our tests have left time back, from these models, and we obviously found by once that no owner would like to see start to move the hand of the turbo pressure from 4500 rpm! This turbochargersuitable for an engine that produces a lot of exhaust gases such as those of 1800cc and 1400 cc not! We believe that if Garrett had received a request for provision of a turbocharger bearings (industrially expensive double that of a turbocharger on bushings type SS kit, bearing in mind that in today's cost-cutting is more important than actual results) never ever would have even given the slightest Gt2554R because they would have had nothing but the total disappointment of its customers. We have achieved a complete development because of the engine Fiat 1400 16v, ie in addition to using impellers with trim and sizes, we have taken steps to implement mergers with attack usually the original manifold as well as with our A / R that are the result of all the tests that we have supported. We remind you that never any Italian company known in the world of preparations has ever made a similar solution, this is a testimony to how much the Protoxide has grown over the years thanks to you and all your support.

  • To which the other turbocharger is comparable GTO221? The GTO221 is an exclusive production ofProtoxide, and it is not comparable to any other turbocharger! This turbocharger is the result of several years of testing on bench testing, and especially on the way to assess the reliability, we tried to support even higher pressures to 1.4 bar constant sold the pistons, but the turbo remains perfectly intact! For this reason we have developed a (indispensable on Garrett type bearings) restrictor specific oil for this engine which allows to get the right amount of oil (it too little of it) to allow the bearings to work perfectly in time.

  • Can I use the original downpipe (elbow of the catalyst) with turbo GTO221? Unfortunately the answer is no, because even if we had replicated the usual flange of the original turbo, downpipe would be shifted much more to the side (as you know this turbo over to be much bigger is even much longer), changing the position of attachment, thereby preventing the assembly.

  • So what should you buy? We recommend buying our specific elbowGTO221 not catalyzed (or, on request we can also achieve it catalysed), this will simplify to the maximum the installation and you will enjoy an accomplishment to "perfection" of the same.

  • If I have already purchased a stainless steel downpipe to the original turbine I have to re-purchase a new downpipe? Not necessarily, if you want to keep your downpipe and at the same time save money, we can provide you with a specific flange GTO221 turbo You will pay at your downpipe . This flange can also be applied to "SS" version.

  • What additional parts are needed and what other is advisable to buy? With the purchase of our turbocharger GTO221 we provide, we included in the price, a restrictor specific oil for this car, very difficult to find in the market. While for even easier assembly, we are providing a kit that will allow you to achieve a perfect installationthrough and through. This kit (sold separately) using the finest materials such as silicone and braided steel pipes for the oil and you can count on measures considered accurate to the millimeter.

  • Such mechanical changes are necessary to install this turbocharger? Once you buy our specific downpipe and adding the pipe kit, you will be able to carry out yourself the assembly, without any difficulty, although we recommend the installation by a specialist workshop to review even properly read mapping. Please call us, we are at your disposal for any technical information.

  • And 'possible to have some more information for this particular turbocharger? The GTO221 on this engine works properly without problems with 1.2 or 1:35 constants bar. With these features allows you to have a complete reliability (of course behind an equally well crafted mapping) and provide at least 200 hp, even those who are not very experienced in the implementation of the mappings, with over torque 30kgm everything is about the "heart" of double bearings that allows pomparand the air immediately at low revs, 3500 rmp! The best ones have managed to "squeeze it" coming to 221 hp and beyond, reaching even 34kgm always safely couple, (we prefer to stay low with our power declarations, not like other ... so if we declare 200 hp CERTAINLY performance will be higher). Pressures greater than 1.5 bar may lead to breakage of a piston (which of course with the original turbo occurs with much lower probability, because the air flow rate turbocharger GTO221 (ie how much air is able to move) is by higher.

  • What is the maximum pressure that can support this turbocharger? Let's say that everything is influenced by many factors, and in order not to run into problems, you should always check several factors such as temperature, fuel mixture and exhaust back pressure, it is these factors to result in breakage of all components, both of the turbo engine. We therefore we have made available, for these reasons, both the pressure gauges of the turbo pressure, which gauges the discharge temperatureand tools to monitor the carburetion infallibly. Only then have control of all these parameters, we can say that you can push yourself to shoot even with a pressure of 1.8 bar with the necessary mechanical changes, type forged pistons, injectors ETCC.

  • This GTO221 you can also install it on GrandePunto Abarth EVO Yes certainly, many of our customers have already installed with excellent results and not the GTO221 on Multiair Multiair engines.
  • What is the difference between V2 and V3 version? The versions are identical except for the exhaust cast iron spiral for the V2 and V3 for the stainless steel, we have caused to differentiate because all preparatory working on this type of engine know that temperatures play a key role on this engine.
  • Here are some movies that run on the Internet with Turbo GTO 221 installed
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Turbocompressore fantastico!

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Monto questa turbina da oltre due anni e mi ritengo pienamente soddisfatto. Mai una rottura ne una noia. E' senza dubbio il miglior turbocompressore maggiorato installabile su motori T-JET. L'auto entra in coppia gia' a 3400 giri e rimane in tiro fino a 6000 giri. Per sfruttarla a pieno consiglio di disabilitare la gestione elettronica della wastegate e di utilizzare il controllo meccanico tramite un regoaltore pressione turbo. In questa configurazione. questa turbina da il meglio di se Ancora una volta lo staff Protoxide ha realizzato un ottimo prodotto. Complimenti per la serieta' e il servizio fornito al cliente.