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Universal Chip Unichip Q Plus Unichip control units, extra modules and accessories

Universal Chip Unichip Q Plus

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Universal unit Unichip version Q PLUS.

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  • This unit is supplied already with universal wiring for installation.
  • E 'need to go to a Unichip installer that will connect the same cutting or bridging of the necessary cables on the unit, when there is no wiring plug and play wiring harness.
  • It 'also possible to buy theTuner Kitto be self-programming.
  • Besides this, the trainer will have to create a custom mapping based on their requests.
  • For more information on the world Unichip clickhere

Some features:

  • 2 input-output 0-5 volts fully customizable and expandable module add on fuel
  • Advance and delay for more than 90 different phonic wheels with both Hall effect magnetic sensor that
  • 5 output signals expandable (optional)
  • 5 maps completely distinct and different user-changeable with the engine running
  • 6-channel display
  • Input laps with over 90 selectable tone wheels that allow you to simply change immediately the advance does not anticipate that delay
  • 2 Driver (optional expandable up to how much you want) to handle loads (solenoid valves, variable valve timing / cam etcc ..)
  • Additional functions are managed and expandable by modules that you find Unichiphere
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