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Switching capacitive enhanced "START" Performances Ignition and Coil

Switching capacitive enhanced "START"

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Electronic ignition capacitive, complete with Super Coil

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  • Electronic ignition capacitive complete Super Coil, very useful on high compression engines naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines with both carbureted and fuel injected mechanics and electronics.
  • It does not require any programming adapts itself with the first few minutes of use.
  • Function rev limiter adjustable from 2000 to 9900 rev / min in steps of 100 rpm at 100 rpm.
  • Easy to install thanks to our instructions, just connect 6 wires to install, simple as installing a car stereo.
  • Useful anti-theft feature, installing a hidden switch, allows you not to start the car.
  • E 'can be installed on all cars with distributor with single coil, like the Lancia Delta 8-16v (only uncatalyzed), Renault 5 GT, Clio 16v, Ford Escort-Sierra, Fiat Uno Turbo, Suzuki Swift (old type), Suzuki SJ410-413

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