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Rectangular turbo pressure gauge up to 4 bar - Compact - with peak memory max Pressure gauges Turbo, Petrol, Oil

Rectangular turbo pressure gauge up to 4 bar - Compact - with peak memory max

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Pressure gauge for measuring the turbo pressure up to 4 bar. Rectangle tool Protoxide 4-digit digital display with red, compact and peak memory.

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  • Brand new meter for the turbo pressure up to 4 bar with 4 red digits
  • Incredibly compact dimensions, it allows the installation with built-in 45x22 mm hole, with 70mm depth,
  • With the touch of a button you can call up the highest peak with simultaneous illumination of high intensity blue LED that will display the highest peak and will remain in memory even after you turn off the picture, as it writes directly to internal flash non-volatile memory ! ---- ---- ONLY FUNCTION
  • Internal relays can be activated according to the set point selected by the user, which will allow you to enable or disable any activator to achieve together with a red LED on the display. 3AMP
  • Show not to tenth but rather to CENT OF BAR!
  • Instrument with rapid sampling with 4 measurements per second and the temperature can be show in both C ° elsius that in ahrenheit ° F
  • 12 and DC power consumption of less than 2 watts
  • Overall accuracy to 0.2% "is our most accurate meter!"
  • Size collection 48X24X75mm
  • of the brightness reduction function at the push of a button
  • Through output 5 volts stabilized sensor supply
  • Dedicated sensor with its strainer and piping.
Name Value
Supply 12 Volt
Display 4 cifre
Precision 0.2%
Depth 75mm
Output 0-5 volts Si
Relay output Si

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