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Please read these terms of sale and delivery.

In general:

These conditions of sale are the only ones recognized byProtoxideTitian's Perfect (hereinafter Protoxide) for all transactions, except in special conditions written, we have agreed for exceptional reasons.


All of our prices are per unit, INCLUDING VAT, ex our store and in Euro currency. The prices quoted in tenders in writing, sent by mail, e-mail or fax, are valid for one month, unless otherwise noted.ProtoxideReserves in any case, the possibility of revising the rates given as a result of their major variation due to problemssupply or fluctuations in exchange rates or exchange official quotation currency, however, by giving notice to the customer, who has the right to cancel the order without any penalty.

Available from:

Orders can be made by mail, phone, fax or e-mail or by using our on-line store. Orders must be clearly stated name or trade name of the payer, tax or VAT if any, telephone number and mailing address, plus any mode of delivery details, requested delivery date and preferred carrier and must obviously be all true. Incomplete orders will not be taken into account.Protoxidereserves the right to request confirmation of the order, with payment of a deposit or prepayment of the material, depending on the product ordered. Advised that any unclaimed cash on delivery, cancel the option to order again, as the failure to pay on delivery involves shipping charges to return again in our home and our system automatically enters the customer in the "black list" . For this reason therewill be no way you can make future orders, even with prepayment.

Order confirmations required by the customer are not binding in the case of the materials ordered are not in stock.

The minimum order quantities are binding and are given in any offers and order confirmations, in the absence of means as a minimum quantity for the individual parts and materials in stock and the meter for the cables, hoses, pipes and the like.

Delivery and fulfillment:

Delivery will be made as agreed at time of order. In the absence of agreement, we will sending in the manner deemed most appropriate by us and we will debit a single shipping cost.

Orders will be processed as soon as possible. In case of temporary unavailability of some items, reserves the right to delay delivery until the availability of the material. If the wait is too long, it will inform the customer, who can decide in the meantime sending the goods available. In the event that some items order are no longer available for obsolete or discontinuedproduction, reserves the right to consider the orders. Also remember that all orders are assigned to carriers andProtoxideis not responsible for any damage, loss or delay in delivery of material, therefore the goods travel at the risk and expense of the recipient / customer. The delivery times indicated in the offers are not binding. All materials ready for delivery purposes are subject to prior sale.

Defects in materials, misdelivery or damage:

The customer is obliged to check the goods on delivery. It has eight (8) working days in which to manifest claim for defects of origin of the goods or wrong delivery, after which the goods will be deemed to be accepted and will not be taken more into account any complaints.

If the complaint is accepted by our sales department, the goods must be returned, carriage with the carrier designated by us.Protoxidewill replace it in the shortest possible time.

For goods ordered incorrectly, the same conditions, except for transportation, which must be sent postage paid.

If the customer does not accept the replacement will be issued a credit note.

In the event of damage to the goods from transit, the customer must notify the carrier (tick in the box marked damaged).

Protoxide not liable for damage due to transport of goods, even if carried out by couriers we selected.

Right of withdrawal and rejection of the goods ordered:

As expected the current regulations regarding the sale by mail, the consumer (not VAT registered) who makes a purchase by mail shall be entitled to cancel the purchase within 7 (seven) days of receipt of goods. In this case it must give prompt written notice (by mail) and return the goods at their own expense and will be reimbursed the full amount except shipping.

In the case where the client forwards an order, the product of whichwas not available at time of order (if no indication the words next to the picture "DELIVERY USUALLY WITHIN 24 HOURS"Means that the customer takes the bond of commitment"exclusive"With the Protoxide, so if the client decides to cancel the order later, would result in a deduction of up to 20% on this order. If in case the item ordered was not even in the catalog (individual design), there can be no term waste products.


Protoxide distributes and sells the components described in the invoice for use in vehicles and / or engines designed and built by non-members and / or controlled by Protoxide. It is therefore not recommended or referred to a specific use of the same as the conditions of use of these components could create the same or other details of stress or problems very severe and beyond any possible expectation. The Protoxide distributes and sells these products without warranty and or commercial technique and therefore nowarranty, express or implied statements accompanying such products and the buyer and / or user, having checked these components, it is the only one to decide how and where to use them in the application of its design, assuming the installation of these components all risks, as well as, possible, and any lost earnings or sales, losses, costs of replacement goods or services,business interruption,damage to property or persons or animals or any direct, indirect, incidental, balance sheet, which may result, therefore Protoxide not accept any type of charge due to defects in materials or delivered for processing take to install our components.

Recall that our products are to be used only on racing vehicles where these regulations will let them, therefore they are not approved for road use and absolutely must not be installed to replace the original parts of road vehicles, since the only choice and objective of our products is only to provide the best "performances" to the detriment of everything else, such as, short duration, more noise and more vibration, more consumption, etc., so the customer accepts it in its entirety.

The materials found on the market on behalfthe customer (those not listed on our online catalog and requested in your direction) are provided without warranty, and are provided as is and no complaint about the quality of these components. (Oxidation, no documentation, lack of packaging, finishing, etc..)

The materials sent to the manufacturers or suppliers of services, repairs, treatments, or replacements under warranty, travel at the risk and expense of the customer.

The products are Protoxide for most recognizable written with screen printed on them or with labels or on the packages themselves. The alteration or removal of them, by the dealer / user, lead by the Protoxide a failure to recognize, during servicing or other problematic.


The availability of the materials are subject to prior sale, except holidays and barring unforeseen circumstances, unless otherwise indicated dates offer or order confirmation.


The terms of payment are set before delivery of the material. Is generallypreferred bank transfer, credit card or transaction with Paypal. In addition it is possible for small amounts, require payment on delivery cash on delivery, courier.

Failure to pay a bill or rejection of the cash on delivery authorizes the suspension of supplies. Further supplies must be authorized by our administration office and must be paid in advance of any delivery.

VAT exemptions and exports:

Goods intended for export to non-EU countries are governed by the laws in force. The customer wishing to benefit from the exemption of the payment of VAT, must send a copy of the letter of intent prior to delivery of the goods.

The goods purchased directly by individuals or companies outside the EEC, to be paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card. We reserve the right to withhold a deposit equal to 20% of the value of the goods until receipt of the documents have been exported.


The data provided by the customer for billing are considered correct even if the billing systems indicate any errors. The customer is obliged to check himself and communicate any errors in the data. The customer is also obliged to inform in writing (email or fax) any changes in personal data.

Protoxidecan not be held responsible for mistakes or problems arising from the use of demographic data supplied by the customer.

Connections to the siteProtoxidenot take place through a secure connection (SSL), except for the credit card transaction that is managed directly by secure serverSetefi (Banca Intesa).

Protoxideassumes no liability for the information provided via the Internet (the order form and quotation form) or by e-mail.

Processing of personal data:

The data processing is performed by means of manual, IT and telematic and in the manner provided in each case with all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of information and its confidentiality. Personal data are processed byProtoxidefor purposes related to its business and therefore the issuance of documents and communications relating to business relationships.

According to Article 13 of Law 675/1996, the person concerned has the right to know the existence of a file containing the personal data, the useProtoxidemakes of its data, deletion of his data from the files, except those required for legal and tax and all those rights that the law 675/1996 grants.

The guardian of the personal data of all customers:

Via Elisa 3 CARRARA
54 033 (MS) ITALY

Acceptance of the rules:

The issuance of an order or a request for a quotationProtoxide, Also written, telephonic or verbal by any means, implicitly indicates acceptance of all the conditions set out on this page.


These conditions are supplemented by pages on our services, processed materials and price lists.

All brands fromProtoxideare the exclusive property of their respective owners.

The countries of origin, given the particular nature of the goods handled are not identifiable unless clearly indicated in the materials themselves.Protoxidedoes not assume responsibility for information given by third parties.


For any legal matter, please contact:Studio Perfect Criminal FrancoP.za Aranci MASS 54100

Valid, however, laws and regulations.

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