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Petrol Oil Pressure Gauge 52mm with peak memory and 0-6 bar Pressure gauges Turbo, Petrol, Oil

Petrol Oil Pressure Gauge 52mm with peak memory and 0-6 bar

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Pressure gauge for measuring the pressure of petrol or oil pressure range 0-6bar.

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The pressure gauge for fans of modifications to your car, as it is easy to appreciate pressure peaks even small difference that can sometimes result in incorrect operation of the pump, regulator, injectors, etc. ..

Some features:

  • Pointer indicator scale Italian and fantastic logo PROTOXIDE central 52mm
  • Precise and excellent design with two colors selected by the user, the first amber red and the other white ice.
  • With this gauge is not necessary to bring the fuel pipe or oil up inside the cockpit because, the kit includes a precision sensor, which converts the pressure into electrical impulse, which is why you just have to get in the cockpit just a thin electrical cable (already included in the package).
  • The precision sensor that we use for this gauge, is included in the package of professional type and can be used for both petrol that for the oil, over the standard of quality and we have chosen, just because it works on both liquids.
  • The sensor is a type of torpedo and is powered directly from the instrument (3 WIRES), that allows it to be used on both metal braid hoses that of rubber hoses, simply cutting the tube and inserting a T-piece This featurediffers from the classical sensors onion, with a single thread, which is not possible to measure the pressure on the tubes that do not transmit power (such as those normally used in rubber)
  • Function of peak pressure is reached, ie pressing the button with a light touch on the front of the instrument, the same move the pointer to the peak recorded.
  • Second function of "alarm", allows, always by pressing and holding the button, insert a pressure limit, which descend to more than this value, the instrument will begin to alert the driver with a "beep" as well as toggle the color white -red to warn you that we're past the set pressure limit.
  • In tribute inside the package includes a rotatable tool holder beautiful, with its felt for easier installation easy.
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