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Wastegate Ferrari 208 GTB and GTS Turbo external type valve External wastegate

Wastegate Ferrari 208 GTB and GTS Turbo external type valve

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Wastegate for Ferrari 208 GTS and GTB external valve for turbocharger.

  Not available, achievable after order in about 15-30 days
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  • External wastegate for Ferrari 208 GTB and GTS, external valve spare valve complete. This is a complete replacement of the wastegate valve.
  • This is not the only membrane as the mere replacement of the same membrane does not guarantee a solution since it does not eliminate the problems of the same valve and in any case the temperatures lead to irreversible aging on the original valves which even if the replacement of the membrane objectively does not bring to function properly as our wastegate.
  • It is known the lack of the original Ferrari wastegate on the spare parts market, given the multiple breakages of this actuator or of the membrane that is no longer sold. Our wastegate valve is not the original wastegate but is of American production, modified and adapted by the technical department of ProtoXide. It is conceptually made with technologies and materials developed 30 years laterthe construction of the original Ferrari wastegate valve therefore we guarantee an optimal and precise operation that not even the original valve was so many years ago when it was new.
  • It is necessary to specify in the order notes the precise model of this wastegate for your exact model of Ferrari 208, specifically which version it is Ferrari 208 with intercooler or Ferrari 208 without intercooler or send us or photograph the original to avoidwrong, as there are 2 different models in some cases even with the usual motorization.
  • Usually made in red, with technical characteristics much higher than the original Ferrari but always with the usual calibration, even if we can provide calibration with different springs (optional) easily interchangeable.
  • It is replaced by removing the original wastegate, therefore in this way the original exhaust is always maintained and it is not necessary to make changes such as to lose the originality of this car and in any case guarantees perfect reversibility for the re-installation of the original wastegate.
  • We are the only ones to make this wastegate and we have been making it since 2008, many are using it if not all those who broke the wastegate, and suggested by many old authorized services.
  • the wastegate has still been improved compared to previous models, even if they were already working properly but the changes made made it even easier to install.
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Prodotto OK montato su Ferrari 208 Turbo . leggero miglioramento delle prestazioni nella velocità max. e miglioramento nell' elasticità ai bassi regimi. Carmine jr.